Some of our products include

We have candy, snacks, local hand made soaps, dried fruits, nuts

More Choices

Organic Raw Honey


Organic Honey

USDA Certified Organic Honey,

because Local Honey can be full of chemicals.

Natural Energy Snacks


Gluten Free, Natural, High Protein, High Fiber snacks made for the busy person or athletic person looking for a good snack or meal replacement. Lots of choices, approx. 120-150 callories, 10 grams or more of protien. 



From A-Z and everything in between. No Salt, Real Salt, Himalayn Salt. Herbs De Provenence, Montana Steak Seasoning, Farm Dust. Too many to list. Come in and check out our wall of spices!

Soup Mixes, Beans and Rice


All you need to make a hearty meal. Organic, Non GMO choices, Mixes. Our Natural Soup greens turns a pot of water into soup. It's amazing.

Honey Sticks


Natural, no artificial colors or flavors. We even have Vern's Bee's Honey in sticks. Great to have for hungry emergencies.

Snack Attack


School, work or play, we have small Snack Attack Bags just right for that  snack attack or mid day snack. How about sports or school when you need snacks and want to be different. We can custom make them for you too!